Abhiram N J

Curious Kid

Community Builder | Tinkerer | Creator

I'm a great community evangelist and a specialised genaralist. Loves web devlopment and Low/No code tools. Feel free to get in touch with me.

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A Brief intro of me :)

A community builder with huge passion for Low/No code tools. Loves FOSS tools. Loves to code and make life more easy. Tinkers with stuff! Breaks and fixes😉.
#event-hoping | #Social Introvert

Interesting things by me

A place where i share some of my knowledge in bit sized and understandable form.

Book a call with me. Know more about how i manage things and all. Not available now

Things I did🚀

All the interesting projects, works I did.
Feel free to check out!

An log of all events i attended, organised, talked and much more :) Lot of interesting things in here😉

Something more about me :)

  • My name is Abhiram, A Community Evangelist, Front End Developer, Designer, FOSS enthusiast, Low/No code builder. I also build products for myself.
    • ⏤ Development HTML/CSS, Astro, AHK, JavaScript, Frappe Framework, Git, GitHub
    • ⏤ Tools Airtable, Figma, Notion, Frappe LMS, Cal.com, Plane.so, Whimsical, Google Analytics, GitBook
    • ⏤ Other Skills Developer Education and Experience, Community Management, Event Organisation and Designing, UI Designing
  • Ping me at any below mentioned socials 😉
  • ⏤ My music taste is pretty messy.
    ⏤ Loves to come to any event. Just invite and I shall😉

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